Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Wow! $227 per sec!

So the race for the Vekhovna Rada is on. We can expect, noise, hoopla and commercials, commercials, commercials. Once upon a time, say back in 1994, when independent Ukraine's first elections to the Parliament were held, nothing, except for a few clever public service announcements aired on Ukrainian television.

Now, we'll hopefully be entertained, or more likely, annoyed by a deluge of political advertising. And how much will it cost the Parties to get their messages out to the hapless voters, you ask? According to forUm here's the breakdown:

1+1 Channel - $227 per sec
M1 (music channel) - $92
Inter Channel - $90.2
Novy Channel - $34
UT-1 - $20.8
The 5th Channel – $21
NTN - $14.5 (VAT is not included)
ICTV - $14
STB - $13.8
TRK Ukraina - $13
TET - $10 (taxes are not included)
OTV - $8.4
TRK Era - $7.2 (taxes are not included)
Tonis Channel - $7 (taxes are not included)