Monday, October 04, 2004

Reuters - On the Take? OR Journalism is Nuthin butta Bunch a Hooey!

The latest media scandal is the Reuters provocation against Viktor Yuschenko. On September 28th, Reuters received a fax, ostensibly originating with the Rudolfinerhaus private hospitalHospital in Vienna stating that the doctors treating Yuschenko have ruled out poisoning. The doctors, of course, stated no such thing. And on October 3, the Director of the Rudolfinerhaus clinic, Prof. Michael Zimpfer, report that the Fax From Hospital Exposing the Forgery. Click to view Large (in German)press release, received by the Vienna Reuters office originated outside of the clinic. Dr. Zimpfer officially declared that he has not seen and could therefore not have signed that letter.

The forged press release was sent to Reuters from an unknown fax machine, however, the contact person was Markus Reugamer, at the German (not Austrian) telephone number +49 163 77 19 799.


Sunday, October 03, 2004

Troops and Rumored Disruptions

5 Kanal aired a video which opens with a shot of the Central Elections Committee building in the center of Kyiv. The clip then pans to the left. Hidden behind a fence are what appear to be Spets' Nats' troops. You can view the video here.

The tape aired on the heels of rumors surrounding the recent firing of Yevhen Marchuk, the former Minister of Ukraine's Armed Forces.
A spirited discussion on the opposition website Maidan speculated that Marchuk was dismised because of his refusal to give troops an order to shoot at protesters who may assemble outside the Central Election Committee Building on the day after the Presidential elections to protest anticipated election fraud.

Furthermore, on Sep 30, 2004, the Ukrainianska Pravda website reported that reputed Kremlin adviser Stanislav Belkovskiy said that Ukrainian presidential administration chief Viktor Medvedchuk has secured the Kremlin's support for a scheme to disrupt the upcoming Ukrainian presidential elections. Allegedly, Medvedchuk had recently visited Moscow to present his plan toPresident Putin and his chief of staff Dmitriy Medvedev. Under the plan, the poll will be declared invalid amid violations, and both Yuschenko and Yanukovych will not be able to run in a repeat election. Though there have been rumors for quite some time that the powers that be in Ukraine are not all that happy with Yanukovych as their president designate, who is to replace him is not quite clear. Some of the betting is on Tyhypko.

Less than a month to go to the elections and the situation is becoming more than a little bit tense.

Save Ukraine By Throwing Eggs at Yanukovych!

The hot new internet game brought to you by The object of the game is to egg Yanukovych, oblast by oblast, ultimately freeing Ukraine from his deadly web.

By now, everyone is familiar with the tale of how the poor Prime Minister was felled by a lowly chicken egg. As it happened, the egg itself did not even crack until it bounced off Yanukovych and dropped
on the ground. Yanukovych was so frightened by the egg that he needed to be hositalized in order to recover from the trauma.

Just a week earlier, Yulia Tymoshenko
was egged as well. As 5kanal reported, Tymoshenko was not terrified of the egg and did not require hositalization