Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Don't like orange? Too bad!

is it orange? you decide. photo - ReutersAt his meeting with Putin today, Yuschenko appears to be wearing an orange tie. It may, in fact, not be orange. Yesterday's tie was 'in your face,' 'so, you wanna make something of it' orange. There was no mistaking the color. Today's tie, I'm not so sure. Perhaps it is salmon, a delicate blend of rose and orange. Or another such fashionable color. In any case, if it's not orange, it is certainly close enough to suggest the idea of orange.

Now the idea of orange certainly brings to mind the revolution, suggests standing up to Russia and pokes Putin in the eye. It's always fun to do that, that is, poke Putin in the eye. And with what's been going on these last few days, it helps Yuschenko to appear to be the one doing the poking. Makes him look strong, leaderlike and like the true defender of Ukraine's national interests. No doubt, Yuschenko's handlers believe so.


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