Friday, August 20, 2004

Dead Souls for Yanukovytch

According to Petro Olinyk, head of Lviv Oblast's Yuschenko campaign, Yanukovytch's people submitted names, "signatures,"Wonder how they'll vote and passport numbers of recently deceased individuals in support of his run for the presidency.

Olinyk further stated that he was prepared to present his evidence against Yanukovytch's Lviv Oblast campaign in court.

No doubt Yanukovytch's people did what they are accused of, but Olinyk should have presented his evidence at the press conference instead of saying in typical Ukrainian fashion: "Я знаю, в якому це районі є.” (trans: "I know in which district this happened.") Well. if you know, why won't you tell us. If you have the evidence, show us. Are we supposed to take your word on such a serious accusation? They have to learn that just because you say that you know something is a fact, doesn't make it so in anyone else's eyes. If you're not prepared to provide the proof, don't make the accusation.