Monday, October 04, 2004

Reuters - On the Take? OR Journalism is Nuthin butta Bunch a Hooey!

The latest media scandal is the Reuters provocation against Viktor Yuschenko. On September 28th, Reuters received a fax, ostensibly originating with the Rudolfinerhaus private hospitalHospital in Vienna stating that the doctors treating Yuschenko have ruled out poisoning. The doctors, of course, stated no such thing. And on October 3, the Director of the Rudolfinerhaus clinic, Prof. Michael Zimpfer, report that the Fax From Hospital Exposing the Forgery. Click to view Large (in German)press release, received by the Vienna Reuters office originated outside of the clinic. Dr. Zimpfer officially declared that he has not seen and could therefore not have signed that letter.

The forged press release was sent to Reuters from an unknown fax machine, however, the contact person was Markus Reugamer, at the German (not Austrian) telephone number +49 163 77 19 799.



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