Thursday, December 02, 2004

Yuschenko on the Maidan

On the fly translation, transcription of Yuschenko on the Maidan

The authrities have played the most dangerous card. The division of the

Separatism was urged in the oblasts where there was total falsification of the election. The authorities try to make it look like the east wants to separate from Ukraine

We have found these cards 40 millions were made (Yuschenko shows a map of Ukraine which is divided into three) They began to divide Ukraine into 3 types, the first the sencd and third type of Ukrainiansbefore the election.

Crowd chants: Han'ba! Han'ba! Han'ba! (Shame! Shame!SHame!)

The authorities lose the elections and they put on a show and turns to the third sort of Ukrainian and tells them there is no room for you in this Ukraine. I was supported in 17 oblasts and they say that Yuschenko is a danger to eastern Ukraine.

The danger is from Kuchma and Yanukovych

There is a sign here on the Maidan. And I will sign it: Donbas We love You.

We are not divided. It doesn't matter if someone lives in a city in the east or west. I care whether they are unemployed.

Yuschenko starts speaking in Russian - They are lying that when I comeI will close Russian orthodox churches. Look here on the Maidan. There are people from all over Ukraine. And the Russian orthodox church is here too. We know that we live in 2004. We respect peoples choice. Where they worship, the synagogue or whatever church. The road to God is a personal choice.

Friends, we will not mix into church issues. We believe in harmony between people who go to different churches

They say that I'm against the Russian language. When I was small, I grew up 40 kilometers from Russia. There was a monument there that here was the border between the Russian and Polish empires 4 kilometers from where I grew up.

Tradition and history proves to us that we are a European nation. When Anna Yaroslavna married the French King, she signed her name. The French king signed an x. In Europe, people know many languages. Why shouldn't we.

My dear community, at the beginning of the 3rd millenium we should speak Ukrainian, Russian, German, French, English, Let Europe look at us and say that we are educated. She how many langues they speak. We should speak in the languages that people will understand us.

I never divided Ukraine into east and west. I speak in Ukrainian because it is easier for me. I turn to those who are ethnically, Russian Greek. I know Shevchenko, Skovoroda Franko, Lesia Ukrainian. But I also know Tolstoy. I am convinced that if Ukrainian were to disappear form the earth, the world would be poorer

The separatism that was thrown out by the authorities was really their white flag. That was their mistake.

Remember how many centuries, how much spilled blood to make Ukraine whole. We cannot allow this vlada to destroy this which is sacred - the territorial integrity of Ukraine.

We pay the price for our choice. My face is price I've paid. My family has paid for these politics by not being in their home, children not going to school

Crowd chants: Yuschenko! Yuschenko! Yuschenko!

Friends, our souls must be filled with faith. People who are on maidans throughout the country they are heroes.

When Kuchma says only a repeat of elections can be solving the situation.

Crowd: Kuchma Het' - Kuchma Away!

Every politician who speaks of new elections tries to destroy Ukraine. Look at what is happening economically. Only a conscious choice for a new second turn can save

I promise you that we will not take part in any discussions about new elections.

Imagine that there is the championship of Europe. 2 teams are tied in the finals, the tournament doesn't start from the beginning. We won't allow 37 million Ukrainians to be fooled.

Tomorrow we will start something new.

Friends stay on the maidan. There must be a new date for 2nd tour.

Vlada, you cannot raise your hand against the people

Nas Bahato- i nas ne podolaty! There are many of us and we will not be defeated!

Crowd: Nas Bahato- i nas ne podolaty!

To military - weapons must always be for the truth. It can never be used against the people. WE know that parents of solders gave the right upbringing to their children

Solders be with the people.

In VR tomorrow you must be without emotions unless you get the word.

To businessmen, understand that we a fighting for freedom

Friends - mobilize.
Businessmen - the maidan needs your help.

I've been asked how is this being financed. I say that's its all donations. They ask how much are you being paid. I say there's not enough money to pay for all of this.

The Maidan just reflects sheer goodness.

In 20 years you will tell your children that you were here, defending Ukraine.

Because of you the world became better.

We raised the country to a new high.

Just a few hours, a few days to finish this.

I am proud to be Ukrainian today.

I am sure that now we are better, smarter than we were ten days ago, not just those who were here, but all of the 47 million of the nation.

Thank you

Crowd: Yuschenko! Yuschenko! Yuschenko!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The upcoming fashism in Ukraine means "communists return". We Ukraineans got
rid of bolsheviks 14 yeas ago and I was sure, it's forever. But I was
wrong. Yuschenkos are the worst kind of communists, they are
nazi-communists. Take a look at this Does it
resemble anithing? Yes it's UNA-UNSO site, something like KKK, the
best Yuschenko's supporters.
Fashism in Ukraine means total censorship in mass media. When I left
Ukraine in 1999 it was absolutelly democratic european country, much
more free than the USA. And what do I see today? I receive a letter
from the editor of the oposition's site, that they are terrorised by
governmet and forced to close. This means fashism. New president say
"russian language is the language of criminals" This means fashism. I
can know the truth from my country only when I call home. And this
truth is absolutelly different than I see at Ukrainean webnews. This
means fashism. When they start special radio-disturbance that does not let
you listen to foreign radio stations, when thy close TV-channels which disagree with
the regime, it's fashism also.
And finally, good news:
Ukraineans of the USA have created their small but neat web-leprosorium for Yuschenko

Yuri Shymanovsky, USA.

12:28 AM  

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