Friday, November 26, 2004

Knuckle Dragging Thugs

There is information about the richest thug in Ukraine, Akhmetov, flying into Borispol, Kyiv's main airport, two days ago to meet withYanukovych. They met for about 2 minutes on the runway. Akhmetov told Yanukovych that "I spent 200 million on you, and look what's happening."

Akhmetov punched Yanukovych in the mouth, turned around, got on the plane and left. Yanukovych then turned to Kripa and punched him in turn in the mouth and knocked out two teeth.

The FT reported yesterday how the oligarchs have been shaken by the massive pro-democracy demonstrations.
Business leaders assumed the authorities would deliver the required result and deal effectively with any public backlash in favour of theopposition candidate, Viktor Yushchenko.
To read about the differences between the two opposing camps AP published an astute article describing the drunken louts of the Yanukovych camp and organized students of the Yuschenko camp. This is a mirror of the article.


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