Saturday, November 27, 2004

Love Fest with Yulya Now

As Yulya came out to the people, they have been calling for her to wish her a happy birthday, the crowd went wild.

Even on her birthday, she rallied the troops, thanking them for their efforts, their commitment. She assured them that victory is theirs.

On the fly translation and transcription:

We all can see the difference that you, dear demonstrators have mde. Earlier, when we entered the CEC, we were met with hostility. Now we see the difference in their eyes, we are met with warmth and that is due to you, dear demonstrators.

We will all go together to the Supreme Court on Monday. We will go not in anger. We'll go to the Supreme Court on Monday, not to demonstrate against the Court. We will go to show our support for the truth, for the honest jurists. And we'll have Yuschenko as the de jure President of Ukraine.


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