Saturday, November 27, 2004

The Work of the Committee for National Salvation

The Commitee for National Salvation of Ukraine has been working for the second day. The offices are on the second floor of the Trade Union Building.

They have been coordinating the work of strikes and actions, preparing materials for the extraordinay session of the VR held today and the negotiations which began on Friday.

There is a volunteer corps of security form throughout Ukraine which maintains order in a firm but friendly fashion.

The center also resolves problems encountered by people bused in by Yanukovych's thugs. 5kanal aired a report about a fellow who was brought to Kyiv by the thugs to show "support" for Yanukovych and is now abandoned by his "benifactors" with no way to return home.

On the first floor of the Trade Union Building are the coordinating offices of the tent city. There, the demonstrators can charge up their cell phones, their cameras. And, if fact are encouraged to do so, so that using these means, spread the word about what is happening on the Maidan.


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