Saturday, November 27, 2004

Putin's Greatest Fear

Vladimir Putin is deathly afraid of the scent of oranges. That fresh scent is threatening to cleanse the stink of Moscow not only from Ukraine, but from the rest of the former USSR.

The actions of the several hundred thousand young Ukrainians
Minsk Goes Orange on the Maidan give hope and courage to others who know the burden of authoritarianism. It's reached Belarus. Can Russia be far behind?

Residents of Minsk demonstrated solidarity with Victor Yushenko today. Orange color dominated in central avenue of Belarusian capital. Minskers were wearing orange cloths, hats, bands, carrying orange balloons. Orange bands ware tied on trees. Most of Belarusians follow struggle of Ukrainian people for freedom attentively...

...Orange color irritated only riot-police. After Zubr activists unrolled poster with words “YES, YUSCHENKO!” some of policemen tried to tear it and arrest “zubrs”. But attention of journalists did not allow to do it. Also they were searching people who were handing out orange bands, but none was arrested.

For more information and photos from the Orange Action in Minsk, please view the website of ZUBR the democratic movement of Belarus.


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