Thursday, December 02, 2004

Tarasiuk About the Europe Parliament's Support of the Orange Revolution in Ukraine

On the fly translation of Tarasiuk speaking on the Maidan:

Tarasiuk explains that the EuroParliament was Orange yesterday, that deputies of the parliament were wearing orange ribbons and accepted a Resolution today which expresses its solidarity with the Ukrainian nation.

He reads from the Resolution:
    • The European Parliament Condemns the machinations during the second tour of the presidential elections
    • The EP condemns the decisions of the CEC and the resolution mentions Kivalov by name.
    • The CEC completely ignored the will of the nation of Ukraine.
    • The EP calls on the Ukrainian authorities to annul the second tour and have a revote of the second tour by the end of this year.
    • The EP warns authorities not to use force against the people and not to pressure the media.
    • The EP deems unacceptable any seperatism in Ukraine and recognizes Ukraine's borders as indivisible.
    • The EP deputies recognize the negative role of Russia and that Russia is largely responsible for much of what is happening in Ukraine today.
    • The European Parliament will always support the Ukrainian nation to have a democratic state.
Tarasiuk also said that when Kuchma was familiarized with this resolution, he was upset. And that means that what the European Parliament did was correct.


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