Friday, December 03, 2004

Decision of Court - 2nd Tour Re-Vote - Dec 26

The decision of the Supreme Court is not subject to appeal.

There are, however, rumors that Yanukovych will withdraw. If that is the case, and if he withdraws before the 16th, Yuschenko's opponent will be Moroz, because Moroz placed third in the first tour. However, since Moroz has firmly placed himself in Yuschenko's camp, it would seem unlikely that he will pick up the mantle to run against Yuschenko. Unless he does so only to encourage voters to support Yuschenko in the election. If Moroz withdraws, Yuschenko's opponent will be Petro Symonenko, the communist.

If Yanukovych withdraws after the 16th, then Yuschenko will be the only candidate on the ballot. The ballot will also include an option to vote "against" the candidate. Yuschenko must then garner 50% plus 1 vote.


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