Friday, December 17, 2004

To Find the Elusive Yevshan Zil'ya, Search For the Scent of Oranges

"Де ж того євшану взяти,
Того зілля-привороту,
Що на певний шлях
Шлях у край свій повороту?!"

Where is the yevshan found,
that herb of magic
that will guide us
to that determined path -
the one turned towards our native land?!
(M. Voronyi)

Thanks to Aussiegirl who realized that the people of Ukraine found and drank deeply of the mythical Yevshan Zil'ya. And so, regained their memories, regained themselves.


Blogger Aussiegirl said...

Window!! I wept when I read your post about Yevshan zil'ya. Thanks so much for posting the full quote about it. Even though I live in America and have never visited Ukraine, I love it as if is the very root of my soul, because my parents have taught me so much about it -- its language (thank you mama for always making me speak Ukrainian at home, even when I complained) -- its history and literature. There is something about growing up in a Ukrainian household, with the songs (just today I visited my mother and we just wandered into singing the old historic song about "Bohdane, Bohdane, ne rozumnyi synu") that is unmistakeable. I have a little orange "Tak" flag that I got in church this past Sunday, as a singing group that had been on the maidan sang for us and also brought these little precious flags along for us to share in that wonderful movement. I'll be visiting and reading your blog now that I have discovered it. Thanks again. I'm praying everything goes well with the elections on Dec. 26th. I am so proud of all the Ukrainians who fought for democracy in the snow -- it must have been very hard and uncomfortable. But how much has our country suffered through the ages -- at last freedom is on the horizon.

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