Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Poles Would Elect Yuschenko President

In a report published by the Polish Press Agency (PAP) 54% of Poles would vote for Viktor Yuschenko for President, whereas Yanukovych would only garner 2% of the vote. 37% would not support either candidate.

60% are convinced that the participation of Polish politicians in mediating the crisis in Ukraine is a positive step in Polish Ukrainian relations and 55% believe that Polish meditation is a positive in the Ukainian-EU relationship.

Polish support for the Orange Revolution has been widespread. And President Kwasniewski's presence during the negotiations between the pro-democracy forces and the Ukrainian authorities was widely welcomed by the Yuschenko team as well as by the participants of the Orange Revolution. Lech Walesa's visit to the Maidan was enthusiastically cheered. Gazeta Wyborcza went orange in support of the hundreds of thousands braving the snow and freezing weather on Khreshchatyk.

It is also worth noting that Poland was the first country to recognize Ukraine after the breakup of the Soviet Union.

Poles have naturally been concerned about Russia's imperial past and neo-imperialism today. And many view a strong, democratic Ukraine as part of their defense against a potential Russian threat. “If Ukrainian democracy prevails, Russia has no choice but to go to the West and to be a democracy,” Brzezinski said at an American Enterprise Institute event. “If Ukrainian democracy fails, Russia and imperial ambitions are awakened.”


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