Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Plan by Yuschenko Presented to the Demonstrators and More

Yuschenko said that the authorities want to achieve a coup. He asked the people to be even more responsible and decisive.

Point by point presented by Yuschenko which was then filled out by Yulya Tymoshenko

Committee of NAtional Salvation formed to defend democracy in Ukraine.

The decision by the CEC puts Ukraine on the edge of civil conflict.

The people are forced to find justice on the streets.

Yuschenko took over Ukrainskyj Dim as headquarters .

Vlada choose the most primitive way to behave and threw out compromise.

Yuschenko called for an ALL Ukrainian national political strike to involve state institutions and schools, businesses

Blockages of all airports, roads and highways will be phased in.

But they remain open to a political settlement.

Do not want anyone to incite any violence. Lives must not be lost although everyone knows that people are willing to sacrifice for Ukraine. They request that people do not challenge the vlada were the vlada does its business

They will work to take power into their hands at the local level.

More bits of info...

Yulya read the names of those who betrayed Ukraine in CEC and voted to sign the protocals on behalf of the thug Yanukovych. She said that their names will go down in history as traitors. People chanted "Han'ba' (Shame!) after the list was read. She also read the names of those who were "curageous" and supported the people and voted against signing the protocal. And the people cheered "Molodets'!"

More cities come on board recognizing Yuschenko as President:
Kharkiv city voted to recognize President Yuschenko

These decisions at local level are an additional expression of their legitimacy

On the Maidan there are about 400 tents now.

Luhansk' shut down 5kanal

Kuchma said 5kanal inciting civil war.

5Kanal statement that they adhere to constitution and any attempt to close them down is illegal

80 high-ranking generals and officers call on military to support Yuschenko. They include airforce,interior ministry, army national guard officers

Officers and troops of Interior Ministry Troops of division D00090 recognize Yuschenko as president

Countries from the EU and the US declared that they do not recognize Yanukovych as Ukraine's president.


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