Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Yulya on the Maidan Now

My quick transcription and translation of Yulya Tymoshenko's speech as she talks now on the Maidan:

Tomorrow we will go to the supreme court though we know that the court is not fair. we will try to convince them to be just. But we also know that trying to work legally with people don't recognize the law is truely impossible.

we must start first battles. we will battle to the end

last night when we passed the barriers into the Presidential Administration and we saw what is happening there. We got infornmation from the officers there. there are not only Ukrainians. there are soldiers of another country dressed in Ukrainian uniforms. But the foreign soldiers will shoot if there are more than 50 people coming in. The Ukrainians said they will not shot.

But last night we knew if we brought the people in there, we knew what will happen.

We must now plan concretely. we will block roads, railroads, airports and will not let them destroy or country

We do not want to lose a single Ukrainian life.

We will release our plans in the next two days and carry them out every hour. We
will take every village, every city, every oblast.

For more updates on Tymoshenko go to Ukraine - Oh My! Homepage.


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