Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Tymoshenko: Non-Ukrainians With Orders to Shoot Ukrainians

Yulia Tymoshenko, after exiting the Presidential Administration, stated that in the courtyard and within the building are heavily armed troops. She further stated that they were clearly not citizens of Ukraine. Yulia discussing with the Special Forces Furthermore, she was told by the officers on the scene that they were under orders to shoot if more than fifty people cross into the building. This is further confirmation of eyewitness reports that Russian Special Forces are being brought into Ukraine.

According to Pravda.com.ua, guarding the Presidential Administration are first five rows, then two rows then ten more rows of Ukrainian Berkut (Special Forces) and they are are minumally armed. But immediately in front of the building itself is what is allegedly the presidential guard, dressed all in black and heavily armed. The General in charge of the operation, General Savchenko, stated that he has no control over those troops.

The consensus among Ukrainians is that Ukrainian troops will not shoot their own children and Ukrainian Omon troops have already been coming over to the Yuschenko camp. And since the thugs in power are Moscow's lackey's, Putin is doing all he can to insure that Ukraine is a colony of Russia's.

In an excellent editorial yesterday, the Washington Post called on President Bush to

...end his administration's passivity in the face of massive and malign Russian intervention in Ukraine. President Vladimir Putin, who has been consolidating an authoritarian regime in Moscow, now seeks to install a client government in Kiev; he channeled hundreds of millions of dollars into Mr. Yanukovych's campaign and personally traveled to Ukraine before each of the election's two rounds. Yesterday Mr. Putin brazenly issued a statement congratulating Mr. Yanukovych, even though Ukraine's election commission had not finished counting the vote or declared an official result. To its credit, the administration summoned the Russian ambassador in Washington to a meeting with a State Department official, Assistant Secretary A. Elizabeth Jones, who expressed concern about Mr. Putin's action. The next step is for Mr. Bush to clearly and publicly challenge the Russian president on his neo-imperialism -- and to design a U.S. policy to check it.

Russian interference in Ukraine must be condemned internationally and Putin must be made to feel the consequences his imperial ambitions


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you really that stupid? After Bush stole the election he was recently involved in he's in no position to tell Putin how to run his own affairs. Look, if you're going to report on this election, at least come up with a sensible solution to their (Ukrainians) dilemma. If you can't come up with a viable solution, don't suggest something as dumb as Bush interferring in yet another world situation that he has no business being in.

Ironically, he probably does; but that's a whole other discussion.

4:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think time (this is January 3rd, 2005) has proven that Putin wanted Kiev to stay under his thumb. However the will of the Ukrainian people could not be denied. As time goes on, the world will see for sure that Putin has taken Russia backwards from the 1991 fall. UkraineNewsAs far as G. W. Bush stealing the 2004 election, it is true, because I helped, I voted for him :-)

8:45 AM  

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