Monday, November 15, 2004

View Yuschenko - Yanukovych Television Debate

Despite Yanukovych's reluctance to participate, the television debate between the people's candidateThe People's candidate will debate Yanukovych on UT1 Tonight - Viktor Yuschenko and the authorities' candidate - Viktor Yanukovych will be broadcast tonight at 19:00 on UT1.

For those not in Ukraine it will be viewable via the internet at the Unian website:ТЕЛЕДЕБАТИ

It will also be available at

The Central Election Committee determined that the debate will not exceed 100 minutes and will cover four thematic blocks: the economy, foreign relations, internal politics and social issues.

The candidates opening statements will be limited to 3 minutes, while closing statements will not exceed 5 minutes.

Yuriy Melnyk from Ukrainian National Television will moderate the debate.


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