Monday, October 18, 2004

MFA Wants 400 Additional Polling Stations in Russia!

According to Interfax Ukraine, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has proposed that the Ukrainian Central Election Committee (CEC) form 400 additional polling stations in Russia. Citing Yuriy Danelevsky, a member of the CEC, IU Hey Vlad! Pass the Vodka!reports that the CEC is considering this proposal. Danelevsky further stated that "no doubt, the number of registered voters in Russia will also rise."

This clearly goes hand in hand with the Kremlin's other efforts on behalf of Yanukovych. (
See Yanukovych Billboards in Moscow)

Zerkalo Tyzhnnya also reports that they have:

"learned, however, from a member of the Central Election Commission that the hopes of opposition candidates to appoint their delegates to election commissions at the additional polling stations (should these be set up) are absolutely in vain. According to the CEC recommendation, the commissions at the extraordinary polling stations abroad are appointed based on the Foreign Ministry’s proposition. No candidates’ representatives are specified. "

Furthermore, dispensing international observers to all of these new polling places is virtually impossible. And without representatives of the candidates in place at the stations, observers are critical.

Repeat after me: "Election Fraud. Election Fraud. Election Fraud."


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