Saturday, November 06, 2004

The Myth of the Split in Ukraine

Oksana Zabushko wrote:
Knowing how easily (and, more than once, eagerly!) does Western press buy the "made-in-Russia" political myths on the current Ukrainian situation (on Ukraine being allegedly "split" into East and West, "pro-Russian" and "pro-Western", Russian-speaking and Ukrainian-speaking parts, each of them allegedly delegating its own candidate for the presidency), I just wanted to let you know how the things look and feel here in the reality.

Today Yulia Tymoshenko spoke to that reality at another 100,000Yulia Tymoshenko at the pro-democracy meeting Nov 6, 2004 pro democracy rally:
It is impossible to divide Ukraine into east and west, because Viktor Yuschenko won 17 regions and not just western regions. There is no split. And this marks the end of their lying campaigning.

This evening, Roman Chaika, one of the founders of the deservedly very popular Ukrainian rock band Mertvey Pivan' and host of 5 KopiokRoman Chaika on 5 Kopiok Nov 6, 2004 talk show on 5 Kanal said on his show:

"Somehow we now have a country which is split but it is split into those who breathe freely and those who crawl and carry out the orders of those who lord over them."

Despite all of the best efforts of Putin and the thugs in power, the gross election violations, the threats, the attempts to prevent voters from going to the polls, the outright fraud, more and more Ukrainians, all over the country, are breathing free. And that has not gone unnoticed, even in Moscow:

...You, Russian, voted as ordered. But he, the Ukrainian voted as a free man. That is why you today are in the monkey's cage, and he is free... I don't have a drop of Ukrainian blood... But I follow the news from Kyiv and try on their pride. Because the journalists of the government television stations went on strike in support of the opposition journalists and now in Ukraine there is freedom of speech. Because the authorities sent tanks onto the streets of Kyiv, and no one showed fear, not of the authorities, not of the tanks and now Ukraine has elections. That is why today Ukraine is teaching us, Russians not to be afraid of a little man in the Kremlin. If you are not afraid of him, you too will be respected.

No matter what happens next, the "Chestnut Revolution" has begun. Even if the battle on November 21 is lost, the revolution is on.


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