Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Interior Ministry Officers Expose Shocking Vote Rigging, Threats in Ukraine

Askold Krushelnycky, the well-known intrepid journalist, reporting from Kharkiv, published an article in the Independent exposing major election fraud by Yanukovych's thugs.

Senior police officers say they have been ordered to help rig the result of the Ukrainian presidential election and to use violence, including bombings, to undermine the opposition...

...The police did not disguise their contempt for Mr Yanukovych, who has twice been imprisoned for assault. They claim he was charged with two other serious crimes but he avoided prosecution both times through bribery.

Krushelnytsky writes that five Interior Ministry officers, ranging in age from their twenties to fifties and with ranks of full Colonels and under Colonels, met with him under Le Carre type circumstances. They told him of 500,000 pre-marked ballots for Yanukovych, hidden and kept under guard by local militia, which were then later distributed to polling places.

And Pravda.com.ua reports that the director of Yuschenko's office, Oleh Rybachuk, informed the press on Tuesday, November 16, that the President's Administration and the Yanukovych campaign have allocated between $5 - 10,000 for each head of territorial election commissions to guarantee the votes, with a similar sum to be paid out for the successful completion of the fraud after election day.

Let's hope that there is some justice in the world. If there is, it looks like jail time is not something which is just in Yanukovych's past...


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