Thursday, November 18, 2004

Ukraine in the Eyes of a Smug Condescending American

Perhaps one of the most arrogant, ignorant ugly American alleged 'analysis' of the current situation in Ukraine is reported by Peter Lavelle for UPI - United Press International. Lavelle interviews Morgan Williams who represents something called the Ukrainian Federation of America. This 'federation,' however, is a non-organizationWe don't need your advice Mr Williams! in America. Evidently, Williams' claim to fame is that he resends articles about Ukraine, albeit in a timely fashion, which are issued on the internet.

Mr. Williams, who is in Ukraine as an observer for the presidential elections, is clearly himself not terribly observant. He condescendingly reminds Ukrainians that Ukraine is not Russia. He condescendingly reminds Ukrainians of the Holodomor. He condescendingly reminds Ukrainians that "Ukraine does not need a symbiotic or parasitical relationship with Russia." Furthermore he asks: "Wonderful, exciting opportunities are staring all Ukrainians right in the face. Why do not more Ukrainians see this clearly and passionately?"

Mr. Williams needs to asked: Where are you? Clearly you are not in Ukraine. Or if you are, you are huddled behind blinders of ignorance. Everything has gone orange! The Ukrainians, those who you so disparage, those who stopped the Mongol hordes, those who have survived incomprehensible torment, torture and genocide are once again battling to save Europe, to save human dignity. If you are in Ukraine, turn your gaze northwards. To Russia. That is what awaits if those splendid children, men and woman fail in their struggle.

You accuse the Ukrainians of failing to see what they can be. You, Mr. Williams, you are the one who fails to see who the Ukrainians truly are.


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