Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Revolution Now in Ukraine - We Need Support NOW!

Events are spinning forward. The opposition met in the Parliament. Only 193 deputies were present. You need 226 to have a quorum.

Yuschenko was urged by his advisers (esp Yukhnovsky) to do this act in order to keep up the momentum and to forestall the thugs initiative: it is expected that the CEC will declare Yanukovych, the thug the winner, very soon.

During the Parliamenry session Moroz declares that Kuchma must understand that this may not be a Georgain scenario but may turn into the Romanian scenario, ie Kuchma's neck in on the line, literally. Moroz talked about Nicolae Ceausescu, the exection of Ceausescu the communist dictator of Romania.

Yuschenko goes out to the people on the Maidan. Swears allegience to them. They are forming a civil defense team for protection. Tomorrow, Yuschenko is forming his cabinet and beginning work in his "Presidential Office."

Rumors everywhere about Russian troops, Berkut, OMON in Ukraine. Information just received that on Artema St. there is Berkut in riot gear set to attack the democratic supporters.

National Committee for Radio and Television is meeting right now to close down the only free tv network in Ukraine, 5Kanal for "inciting" civil war.

Odessa Oblast called on Kuchma to declare a State of Emergency. Feeling in Yuschenko's camp is that this will be declared tonight.

French, American and Baltic banks have suspended all trading with Ukrainian banks.

We need the West to recognize Yuschenko NOW!!! Call your elected officials NOW! Your Senators, your DEputies, your Parliamentarians NOW!

Pray for Ukraine.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for blogging this election. For those of us abroad it is good to be able to hear what is going on directly from the citizens.

I am British, and I am fervently hoping that democracy prevails for Ukraine, and peacefully. I admire the people's efforts to face down the thugs.

My British government is being a bit slow to come out in full suppoert, but Jack Straw did make some encouraging remarks. I really hope they put their weight behind reform, instead of sitting on the fence.

I just posted a comment on the blog of Member of Parliament Sandra Gidley.

2:35 PM  

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